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How to Find a Great Project Manager for Property Development Project

Tips on How to Find a Great Project Manager

In the realm of property development in Australia, the role of a proficient project manager is pivotal. Navigating the intricate landscape of property development demands a seasoned guide. Learn the art of discovering an exceptional project manager, adept at steering ventures towards triumph. From profound experience to unwavering passion, and from organizational prowess to impeccable communication, unearth the criteria that forge an outstanding project manager. Join us on a journey through the crossroads of project management.

1. Knowledge and experience

A great project manager will be a professional with at least five years’ experience in the real estate sector, who has worked on complex projects such as yours. They should also have knowledge of relevant legislation and codes, policies, procedures and regulations specific to your industry. They will also be able to manage all aspects of your project from start to finish—ensuring that everything runs smoothly from conception through completion—and will have plenty of experience doing so.

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2. Passion and motivation

You will want your project manager to be passionate about their work. Someone who is passionate about what they do is going to approach the situation with a sense of urgency, which will help them complete their tasks and hit deadlines.

A motivated project manager will also have drive and determination, so that they can successfully lead your team through whatever challenges come up during construction. A motivated individual will also be able to motivate others on the team so that there’s a greater chance of success for everyone involved in the project.

3. Organised and Methodical

When dealing with large groups of people, it’s important that all tasks are clearly defined so everyone knows what they’re working on at all times—and great project managers know how to do this effectively! They’ll also keep track of all deadlines so everyone stays on track while working toward the same goal.

How to find a great project manager
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4. Attention to detail

While a project manager is not a technical expert in the way that an architect or engineer is, they should be able to spot potential problems and see how the various parts of your development will fit together. If someone is good at managing multiple tasks at once, but has no eye for detail, it can lead to some big problems down the line. For this reason, look for someone who is able to see both sides of every issue: big picture thinking combined with attention to detail.

5. Motivated team player

A project manager should be a team player. A project manager should be able to work well with other people and communicate effectively, both in written and verbal forms. A project manager should be able to motivate the team. Motivation can come from many different places, but it’s essential that your PM has the ability to motivate others so that they will want to do their best.

6. Outstanding communication skills

A great project manager will value and demonstrate excellent communication skills. He or she should be able to communicate effectively with everyone involved on the project: from subcontractors and suppliers through to clients, architects, and structural engineers. The ideal candidate will have experience communicating both verbally (through writing) and non-verbally (through body language), so that he/she can effectively convey messages across all channels.

How to find a great project manager
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