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Local Presence

LV is a Brisbane based architectural visualisation studio working on local and international projects by developers and institutions who are passionate about sustainable development.

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Experienced Team

Our highly skilled team of 3D artists are also qualified architects, and our project managers have backgrounds in property marketing and delivering residential and commercial development projects.

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Carbon Neutral

We believe that the built environment does not have to have negative impact on the natural environment. We offset 100% of our carbon emissions and contribute to Koala habitat restoration programs.

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Renders & Animation

Bring your project to life by illustrating its unique qualities through in-depth visual storytelling. We can incorporate all forms of eco-friendly construction materials and products to highlight sustainable design features.

3D renders for project marketing
3D renders for project marketing
3D renders for project marketing
Wellington Exterior CGI renders

Compelling 3D Renders Visualise Tomorrow

Discover how compelling 3D renders, particularly Wellington exterior CGI renders, transform the architectural landscape with realism and innovative technology.
3D Renders Wellington

Premium 3D Renders Setting the Standard

3D renders are revolutionising design, providing hyper-realistic visualisations that set new industry standards in architecture, interior design, and product development. #3DRenders #DesignInnovation